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Simon Ryder-Burbidge

Prior to the EAC, Simon comes from a background in diving, and recently completed a Master of Marine Management degree at Dalhousie University. Originally introduced to the ocean during family visits to Prince Edward Island, Simon has worked as a contract commercial diver in British Columbia, as a dive guide in Honduras, and as crew on a passenger vessel touring the St. Lawrence Seaway. As part of the EAC’s Marine Team, he now works primarily on marine protected areas, and keeps a passion for science communication and ocean literacy, specializing in information management, photography, and radio production. Simon has also toiled inland as a tree-planter in mucky spruce bogs between Ontario and Saskatchewan, volunteered with the Christina Lake Stewardship Society in the Kootenay Rockies, and studied in Sweden as part of Karlstad University’s Nordic ecophilosophy program.

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Marine Campaign Coordinator
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