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Sustainability Allies

Our Sustainability Allies are a small group of businesses in our communities who believe in a mandate of environmental stewardship and social justice. They seek to promote the values and mission of the Ecology Action Centre while also making an annual contribution to our work.

We wish to recognize and thank these incredible partners for their support and commitment to making our province and world taste, smell, look and feel better.


Interested in becoming a Sustainability Ally? Read our Sustainability Ally Intro Package here!


TrueFaux Films

"Established in 2007, TrueFaux Films has a deep community philosophy, bringing high end creative and technical resources to community groups, non-profits, and social enterprises - producing media content these organizations would otherwise be unable to afford. Through our annual Community Partnership Program we are formally committed to donating the equivalent of 10% or more of our time through pro-bono services. By providing impactful videos, Truefaux is dedicated in supporting people and organizations that make positive social and cultural change."

- John Hillis and Hannah Minzloff, TrueFaux Films

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Assante Hydrostone

"For the past 25 years, I’ve been working with clients to help consider their social, environmental and ethical concerns that applies to their money.  Part of that includes investing in local community projects such as renewable energy projects.  I’m a socially responsible investor and I support my clients in choosing high-quality investments that align with their values."

- Richard Nickerson, CDFA, CFP®, Assante Hydrostone

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Helping Nature HealRosmarie Lohnes

"On a personal level I feel deeply committed and responsible for all my actions. I feel that each of us has an inherent ethical duty to do our best to respect, and protect the environment, after all if we don’t have clean air, water and food what is the point of our lives?"

- Rosmarie Lohnes, Helping Nature Heal

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Trevor Parsons, Innovative Real EstateInnovative Real Estate

”When we contemplated support for EAC, we realized that just using recycled paper and adding the line, “please recycle” to our marketing mail-outs was an inadequate response to the environmental crisis we are facing.”

- Trevor Parsons, Innovative Real Estate

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Just Us! Coffee

"To truly take responsibility for the results of your work and your actions in your workplace, community or (more generally) on this Earth is of paramount importance. Every one of us shapes the world that we live in with every decision we make."

- Joey Pittoello, Just Us Coffee

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Garrison Brewing Co.Brian Titus

"I try and approach business (& life) from an optimistic angle. I can make beer, period. I can also make beer using local materials and supplies, sort out my waste streams, improve efficiencies, build relationships with local restaurants/groups and create a unique and welcoming destination that creates pride among locals and draws visitors from far and wide."

- Brian Titus, Garrison Brewing Co.

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Laughing Whale Coffee

"What affects one, in the long run, affects us all.  When we support one another we are all lifted up."

- Steve and Deborah, Laughing Whale Coffee

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Vancity Community Investment Bank

"As Canada’s first values-driven bank, VCIB provides banking, investing, and financing solutions, to help purpose-driven businesses and organizations thrive, grow, and foster change. Additionally, VCIB offers specialized financing solutions for social purpose real estate and clean energy projects."

- Greg Overmonds, VCIB

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Authentic Seacoast  

"Since our founding, fifteen years ago, we have strived to create a sustainable, authentic business that demonstrates leadership on environmental practices and economic development, that respects the heritage, traditions and values of our community. Working with EAC as a new Sustainability Ally will amplify our collective efforts, enhance public awareness of the importance of our work and further the protection of our environment. This work is critical given the deleterious impact that our civilization is having on the natural world."

- Glynn WIlliams, Authentic Seacoast

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Luminate Co

"The EAC's vision of a Nova Scotia that respects and protects nature and provides environmentally and economically sustainable solutions for its citizens aligns incredibly well with the vision we have for the future of Luminate, and our values are well aligned. Together, we feel we can amplify the message to our communities of the importance of acting now to protect our future, while we still can."

- William Oud, Luminate Co

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Our Sustainability Ally program is limited to a group of businesses who are local or have local operations in our province. We take a relationship based approach with our Allies who are selected and evaluated by three criteria; fit, mechanism and value. Each ally generously makes an annual financial contribution to the Ecology Action Centre.

Looking for more information on our Sustainability Allies program? Contact Carly Hominuk, Member Relations Officer, at .