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Sustainability Allies

Our Sustainability Allies are a small group of businesses in our communities who believe in a mandate of environmental stewardship and social justice. They seek to promote the values and mission of the Ecology Action Centre while also making an annual contribution to our Centre.

We wish to recognize and thank these incredible partners for their support and commitment to making our province and world taste, smell, look and feel better.

Garrison Brewing Co.

Brian Titus"I try and approach business (& life) from an optimistic angle. I can make beer, period. I can also make beer using local materials and supplies, sort out my waste streams, improve efficiencies, build relationships with local restaurants/groups and create a unique and welcoming destination that creates pride among locals and draws visitors from far and wide."

-Brian Titus, Garrison Brewing Co.

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Just Us! Coffee

"To truly take responsibility for the results of your work and your actions in your workplace, community or (more generally) on this Earth is of paramount importance. Every one of us shapes the world that we live in with every decision we make."

-Joey Pittoello, Just Us Coffee

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P'Lovers Environmental Store

Shelby Lendrum"I believe profoundly in the importance of a “we” mentality. I have always felt a strong connection to my environment and have known since I was young that I wanted to share that passion with those around me."

-Shelby Lendrum, P’Lovers Environmental Store

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Helping Nature Heal

Rosmarie Lohnes"On a personal level I feel deeply committed and responsible for all my actions. I feel that each of us has an inherent ethical duty to do our best to respect, and protect the environment, after all if we don’t have clean air, water and food what is the point of our lives?"

-Rosmarie Lohnes, Helping Nature Heal

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Innovative Real Estate

Trevor Parsons, Innovative Real Estate”When we contemplated support for EAC, we realized that just using recycled paper and adding the line, “please recycle” to our marketing mail-outs was an inadequate response to the environmental crisis we are facing.”

-Trevor Parsons, Innovative Real Estate

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Mothers Pizza

Tyson Watcher"Factory farming has changed our diets in an all encompassing way and as such I feel very strongly that we should educate ourselves on what is seasonally and locally available, and how to develop a more personal relationship with the food that we eat."

-Tyson Watcher, Mother's Pizza

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Bonnyman's Wild Blueberries

Angus Bonnyman, Bonnyman's Blueberries"Now is an exciting time to be involved in agriculture, and I feel that there are a number of great opportunities for small businesses to flourish in rural Nova Scotia without sacrificing the environment, it's just made easier with the support of folks at the EAC."

-Angus Bonnyman, Bonnyman's Blueberries

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Teal Architects + Planners, Inc.

Tom Emodi"The buildings we place in the landscape are not stand-alone objects, they become part of the urban and natural landscape. They adjust to seasonal changes and allow the inhabitants to interact with the outdoors during all seasons. In collaboration with our clients we make every effort to ensure that our buildings enhance rather than circumvent the environment."

-Tom Emodi, Teal Architects+Planners, Inc.

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Our Sustainability Ally program is limited to a group of ten businesses who are local or have local operations in our province. We take a relationship based approach with our Allies who are selected and evaluated by three criteria; fit, mechanism and value. Each ally generously makes an annual financial contribution to the Ecology Action Centre.



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