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Karen McKendry

Karen spent her childhood exploring the woods and waters of Ontario and Quebec, clearly the "nature nut" of her family. Her passion for the environment, paired with a lot of hard work, has earned her a BSc. in Ecology, and Master's of Environmental Studies. Since moving to Nova Scotia in 2005, Karen has worked as a conservation planner and biologist, and volunteered with the Young Naturalists Club, a nature club for kids. Karen has training in Wilderness and Remote First AidOCC Field Leader (Hiking, and Winter), and Reconnecting with Nature workshop facilitation, and puts this training and her skills to use when she leads public hikes. When not devoting herself to the Ecology Action Centre’s good work, she can be found rooting around in her garden, paddling on the Northwest Arm, cooking up a storm, or laughing with her two wild little boys.
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Wilderness Outreach Coordinator
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