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In every issue of our regular publication, Ecology & Action, you can find:

  • Informative feature articles on a wide range of environmental topics
  • Action Is Our Middle Name: updates on the Ecology Action Centre's current activities
  • Seasonal Gourmet: delicious recipes using local, seasonal ingredients

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  • New Tech, Old ProblemsDriverless cars have been described as the next big disruptor. A look at this new technology, and how it relates to active and public transportation. 
  • Healing our Broken Energy Systems: In the face of the implications of the climate crisis, it is vital to our shared future that we act rapidly. Equally vital, however, is undoing the harms that our current energy systems have perpetuated on so many communities. 
  • Getting Smart With Technology: A Dartmouth "apartment" that models and tests smart technologies that would exist on a micro, or household level to show how a home can be tuned to run more efficiently from an electrical perspective.
  • A Fishy First: Canada is at the center of the global debate over the future of GM animals after GM Atlantic salmon was sold as food this year. The GM fish was sold into Canada without any labeling for consumers. By the time the public learned that GM salmon was on the market, many had unknowingly eaten it.
  • Wheels, Reels, and RopewaysA greener future looks a lot like the past. Human ingenuity harnessed the power of nature long before we started burning fossil fuels.
  • The Little Eco-Roaster that CanThe ecological and ethical implications of coffee production are no more mutable than our deep appreciation for a well-roasted brew. How one Nova Scotia roaster is working to reduce the emissions produced by the roasting process. 
  • Tech on our Waters: A look at Electronic Video Monitoring used to collect catch data. 
  • Upcycling by the Sea: An artist profile of Dorothea LeBlanc, who upcycles items like computer parts, old jewelry and switch plates into artwork. 
  • Action is our Middle Name: What we're working on right now at the EAC!
  • The Seasonal Gourmet: A recipe for Chef Jason Lynch's Gnocchi a la Parisienne with blue cheese and herbs.
  • Letters from the Centre

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Formerly known as Between the Issues, Ecology & Action is edited, written and illustrated almost entirely by volunteers.  Would you like to become a published writer or illustrator, or gain valuable editing experience?  Have your work seen by people across Nova Scotia?  We are always looking for keen, talented people to help us with all aspects of producing Ecology & Action.


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