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In every issue of our regular publication, Ecology & Action, you can find:

  • Informative feature articles on a wide range of environmental topics

  • Action Is Our Middle Name: updates on the Ecology Action Centre's current activities

  • Seasonal Gourmet: delicious recipes using local, seasonal ingredients

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  • Eco-anxiety
    For those tuned in to environmental issues, the effects can be debilitating. In the face of such grim proclamations, the question emerges: how can we remain engaged and find hope? 

  • How Environmental Racism Gets Under the Skin
    Dr. Ingrid Waldron, Ph.D. explores environmental health inequities in Indigenous and Black communities in this must-read piece. 

  • What's a Kohlrabi? 
    How one family shook their grocery store habits and got connected with what’s growing in our world.

  • One in Four Hundred
    In the past couple of years, the right whale deaths in the North Atlantic have arrived in alarming numbers. This is the story of one nine-year-old right whale named Wolverine.

  • Recharging the Climate ReEVolution
    The transition to electric vehicles is a step towards improving air quality and reducing carbon emissions, so why aren’t more people switching to electric? 

  • Co-powering for the Future 
    Youth are passionate, fully aware and fed up about what’s happening to the environment. We need to stop trying to empower youth by pushing them down what we see as the right path and co-power with youth instead.

  • Burning Biases
    Behaviour change is notoriously tough. As human beings, we are not particularly good at it, even when the stakes are high. A look at the barriers to behaviour change. 

You can also learn what our staff have been up to in recent months in Action is our Middle Name.

Some of our past issues are available in .pdf format:


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Formerly known as Between the Issues, Ecology & Action is edited, written and illustrated almost entirely by volunteers.  Would you like to become a published writer or illustrator, or gain valuable editing experience?  Have your work seen by people across Nova Scotia?  We are always looking for keen, talented people to help us with all aspects of producing Ecology & Action.