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In every issue of our regular publication, Ecology & Action, you can find:

  • Informative feature articles on a wide range of environmental topics
  • Action Is Our Middle Name: updates on the Ecology Action Centre's current activities
  • Seasonal Gourmet: delicious recipes using local, seasonal ingredients

If you are interested in writing for Ecology & Action, or joining our volunteer committee, please contact Cormekia Clayton at or (902) 429–2202. 

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  • Why Biodiversity MattersUpwards of 50 billion species may have existed on Earth at varying points in history, and more than 98 per cent have disappeared.
  • Charting a New Path: How residents along Nova Scotia's Eastern Shore are taking a community approach to marine protection.
  • Inside a Clearcut: What really happens when clearcutting takes place on a landscape?
  • How Protected Areas are Chosen: Downtown Halifax would not make a particularly good nature reserve. So what would? A look at how Nova Scotia selects protected areas.
  • Ko'wey Net "Biodiversity": In order to understand the concept of biodiversity from the L’nu perspective we first need to see it from that perspective.
  • Waves of Change: Some Nova Scotia communities are turning to a natural solution to address the problem of shoreline erosion with the creation of living shorelines. 
  • The Birds are Back in Town: A guide to spring bird watching in Nova Scotia. Welcome these 10 long-distance travellers back to Nova Scotia.

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Formerly known as Between the Issues, Ecology & Action is edited, written and illustrated almost entirely by volunteers.  Would you like to become a published writer or illustrator, or gain valuable editing experience?  Have your work seen by people across Nova Scotia?  We are always looking for keen, talented people to help us with all aspects of producing Ecology & Action.