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In every issue of our regular publication, Ecology & Action, you can find:

  • Informative feature articles on a wide range of environmental topics

  • Action Is Our Middle Name: updates on the Ecology Action Centre's current activities

  • Seasonal Gourmet: delicious recipes using local, seasonal ingredients

If you are interested in writing for Ecology & Action, or joining our volunteer committee, please contact or (902) 429–2202. 

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  • 50th Anniversary Cover Contest - Wondering why the cover of our latest issue is blank? This year EAC is turning 50 and we want to feature your artwork on the cover of our 50th Anniversary Issue of Ecology & Action magazine! The winner of our Cover Contest will have their original art featured on the cover of our next issue of E&A and will receive a $300 prize. Follow the link for contest rules! 

  • An Opportunity for Change: The Halifax Regional Plan – as Haligonians navigate the housing crisis, the realities of COVID-19 and the ongoing climate and ecological crises, the Halifax Regional Plan offers an opportunity to build a more sustainable, equitable, and livable future for the municipality. 

  • Voices on the Changing Seas – as the effects of climate change become more extreme, it is important to understand how it will impact our oceans and the communities that rely on them. EAC’s Changing Oceans Project will dive into this ocean-sized issue with the help of knowledge-keepers, fishers, scientists and community leaders. 

  • Netukulimk: Finding Climate Solutions in Nature – The Mi’kmaw concept of Netukulimk is defined as the use of the natural bounty provided by the Creator for the self-support and well-being of the individual, community and the environment. How can this concept help us tackle the climate crisis through nature-based solutions? 

  • Ecological Fiction Inspires Action – Fiction exploring humanity’s impact on the environment is becoming more popular. Mary Woodbury explores several works of “ecofiction” and their unique ability to use our relationship with nature to shed light on our humanity.

  • The Head, Hands and Heart of Sustainability – Climate change is possibly the greatest threat humanity has ever faced. In tackling this monumental challenge, self-reflection, community involvement and relationship building are key to creating effective conversations and transformative action.

  • Quiet Streets, Community Voices – In Spring 2020 Nova Scotia went into lockdown in response to the threat of COVID-19. As we adjusted, getting outside and being mobile became more important than ever. Anika Riopel explores what this meant for transportation in our province, and how the pandemic has highlighted and intensified issues of transportation inequity.  

  • A Glimpse Under the Hood – Electrifying our transportation is critical to addressing the climate crisis. Nova Scotians will soon have the chance to learn more about the inner workings of electric vehicles through a new Interactive Demonstration Electric Vehicle.

  • Too Close to the Coast – As we head into building season, it’s crucial that potential property buyers know the risks of coastal climate change. Read this first-hand account of what can happen if you build too close to the coast! 

  • Re-imagining Intersections as Places for Reconnection – We know that designing cities for driving increases vehicle use. But how does the design of a city impact the ability of people in communities to connect with one another? How does designing for technology rather than for the people who use those technologies affect how we interact?   


You can also learn what our staff have been up to in recent months in Action is our Middle Name.

Some of our past issues are available in .pdf format:



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Formerly known as Between the Issues, Ecology & Action is edited, written and illustrated almost entirely by volunteers.  Would you like to become a published writer or illustrator, or gain valuable editing experience?  Have your work seen by people across Nova Scotia?  We are always looking for keen, talented people to help us with all aspects of producing Ecology & Action.