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In every issue of our regular publication, Ecology & Action, you can find:

  • Informative feature articles on a wide range of environmental topics

  • Action Is Our Middle Name: updates on the Ecology Action Centre's current activities

  • Seasonal Gourmet: delicious recipes using local, seasonal ingredients

If you are interested in writing for Ecology & Action, or joining our volunteer committee, please contact or (902) 429–2202. 

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Silver Donald Cameron, an ardent and personable environmentalist, passed away on June 1st of this year. His death is a great loss to the people of Nova Scotia and the environmental movement.

  • Time to Act for a Just and Green Recovery  - The COVID-19 pandemic has led to a societal disruption unlike anything we've seen for generations. The Ecology Action Centre has developed five guiding principles upon which we can build a collective vision for the future.

  • Remembering Silver Donald Cameron - Silver Donald Cameron, an ardent and personable environmentalist, passed away on June 1st of this year. His death is a great loss to the people of Nova Scotia and the environmental movement.

  • Building Back Better - Nova Scotia needs provincial goals that tackle climate change, sustainable economics, systemic injustice, equity, and inclusion. COVID-19 continues to be a wake-up call that resilience is the only path forward.

  • Environmental Sustainability and the Rural Economy  - As Nova Scotia begins to recover from the COVID-19 crisis, Authentic Seacoast is proving that we can stimulate our rural economies while keeping the environment in mind.

  • Wild Tales - Sharing Art and Stories About Wildlife in Mi'kma'ki & the Maritimes - Marine biologist, Sarah Wong describes what life is like on Sable Island for a grey seal mother and her pup.

  • Urban Greenspace is Good for Us - As we look toward a “new normal,” it will be necessary to carefully reflect on what the expansion of greenspaces could and should look like. This article explores the important benefits of greenspaces in urban areas.

  • Building Resilient Food Systems in Nova Scotia - COVID-19 has both exposed and exacerbated the many gaps in our food system, making clear the lived realities of food insecurity among families in Nova Scotia. There are three focus areas that we feel are ripe for action in Nova Scotia.

  • Degrowth - Fear Not, Wellbeing Without Economic Growth is Possible - This article explores the degrowth movement and how we can refocus our attention on imagining alternatives to economic growth so we can begin to build back better in a way that supports our communities and ecosystems.


You can also learn what our staff have been up to in recent months in Action is our Middle Name.

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Formerly known as Between the Issues, Ecology & Action is edited, written and illustrated almost entirely by volunteers.  Would you like to become a published writer or illustrator, or gain valuable editing experience?  Have your work seen by people across Nova Scotia?  We are always looking for keen, talented people to help us with all aspects of producing Ecology & Action.