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Posted: Tue, Dec 11, 2018
With a deep interest in how people interact with the environment, Meghan brings thoughtfulness, creativity and a collaborative approach to the energy team.
Posted: Fri, Nov 09, 2018
Ben grew up in the Annapolis Valley surrounded by farms and learned early in life the value of hard work and the many ways that a simple life change can save a person money.
Posted: Thu, May 17, 2018
Emma Norton is a graduate of the University of King’s College, Halifax with a combined honours degree in Environment, Sustainability, and Society and International Development Studies. She was awarded the University Medal in Environment, Sustainability, and Society.
Posted: Thu, May 17, 2018
Stephen Thomas has been the Energy Campaign Coordinator since 2016. As a co-lead of the Energy Action Team, Stephen leads the Team’s policy, advocacy and campaigning work on energy and climate change issues, and supports the overall work of the staff and volunteer teams.